CCNP SWITCH 642-813 Official Certification Guide (Part II – Chapter 4 Virtual VLANs)

PARTE II   –  Building a Campus Network

Chapter 4 – Vlans and Trunks

Este capítulo cubre los siguientes aspectos:

  1. Virtual LANs
  2. VLAN Trunks
  3. VLAN Trunk Configuration
  4. Troubleshooting VLANs and Trunks

Antes de empezar con el capítulo 4, vamos a realizar un pequeño test que consta de 14 preguntas. Al final de este capítulo pondremos las respuestas correctas.

1. A VLAN is which of the following?
    a. Collision domain
    b. Spanning-tree domain
    c. Broadcast domain
    d. VTP domain

2. Switches provide VLAN connectivity at which layer of the OSI model?
    a. Layer 1
    b. Layer 2
    c. Layer 3
    d. Layer 4

3. Which one of the following is needed to pass data between two PCs, each connected
to a different VLAN?
    a. Layer 2 switch
    b. Layer 3 switch
    c. Trunk
    d. Tunnel

4. Which Catalyst IOS switch command is used to assign a port to a VLAN?
    a. access vlan vlan-id
    b. switchport access vlan vlan-id
    c. vlan vlan-id
    d. set port vlan vlan-id

5. Which of the following is a standardized method of trunk encapsulation?
    a. 802.1d
    b. 802.1Q
    c. 802.3z
    d. 802.1a

6. What is the Cisco proprietary method for trunk encapsulation?
    a. CDP
    b. EIGRP
    c. ISL
    d. DSL

7. Which of these protocols dynamically negotiates trunking parameters?
    a. PAgP
    b. STP
    c. CDP
    d. DTP

8. How many different VLANs can an 802.1Q trunk support?
    a. 256
    b. 1024
    c. 4096
    d. 32,768
    e. 65,536

9. Which of the following incorrectly describes a native VLAN?
    a. Frames are untagged on an 802.1Q trunk.
    b. Frames are untagged on an ISL trunk.
    c. Frames can be interpreted by a nontrunking host.
    d. The native VLAN can be configured for each trunking port.

10. If two switches each support all types of trunk encapsulation on a link between them, which one will be negotiated?
    a. ISL
    b. 802.1Q
    c. DTP
    d. VTP

11. Which VLANs are allowed on a trunk link by default?
    a. None
    b. Only the native VLAN
    c. All active VLANs
    d. Only negotiated VLANs

12. Which command configures a switch port to form a trunk without using negotiation?
    a. switchport mode trunk
    b. switchport mode trunk nonegotiate
    c. switchport mode dynamic auto
    d. switchport mode dynamic desirable

13. Two hosts are connected to switch interfaces Fast Ethernet 0/1 and 0/33, but they
cannot communicate with each other. Their IP addresses are in the
subnet, which is carried over VLAN 10. The show vlan id 10 command generates the
following output: 

    The hosts are known to be up and connected. Which of the following reasons might
    be causing the problem?
    a. The two hosts are assigned to VLAN 1.
    b. The two hosts are assigned to different VLANs.
    c. Interface FastEthernet0/33 is a VLAN trunk.
    d. The two hosts are using unregistered MAC addresses.

14. A trunk link between two switches did not come up as expected. The configuration
      on Switch A is as follows:

    Switch A# show running-config interface gigabitethernet0/1
    interface GigabitEthernet0/1
       switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
       switchport trunk allowed vlan 1-10
       switchport mode dynamic auto
       no shutdown

    The interface configuration on Switch B is as follows:

    Switch B# show running-config interface gigabitethernet0/1
    interface GigabitEthernet0/1
       switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
       switchport mode dynamic auto
       switchport access vlan 5
       no shutdown

    Which one of the following reasons is probably causing the problem?

    a. The two switches don’t have matching switchport trunk allowed vlan
    b. Neither switch has a native VLAN configured.
    c. Both switches are configured in the dynamic auto mode.
    d. Switch B is configured to use access VLAN 5.

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